Bhanu Choudhrie of Alpha Aviation Group Discusses The Aviation Industry

Alpha Aviation Group

Too many airplanes are currently sitting on the ground. What’s the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on the industry?

Do you think that the aviation sector showed the right type of leadership early enough in the crisis?

How will pilot training change due to COVID-19?

Do you think the training industry will face price pressure and how will Alpha Aviation respond to such pressure?

How does Alpha Aviation deal with the cost pressures of pilot training?

How does the training program work at Alpha Aviation?

It looks like Alpha Aviation Group has made a big investment in simulators. Is this correct?

So, what made you choose UAE?

Is there strong enough support to ensure that only highly qualified pilots are upfront?

It’s been reported recently that 500,000 pilots will be needed by 2034. How does Alpha Aviation Group plan to be part of it?

I noticed that you are not mentioned on the Alpha Aviation website. Why is this?

Where do you think the aviation sector in the future will need to improve its leadership?

What do industry leaders need to focus on with a forward-thinking vision for their business to be positioned for strong growth like you are?



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