Alpha Aviation Group Founder Shares Thoughts With Arabian Business

Bhanu Choudhrie
2 min readSep 12, 2022


Global Pilot Training Group — Alpha Aviation Group’s Founder — Bhanu Choudhrie has shared his thoughts on how ‘The pilot shortage can be the right catalyst to increase the number of women on the flight deck’ with Arabian Business.

Extract from the article — you can find the full article here.

“While it is important for airlines to promote women, more valuable is for existing women pilots to offer guidance and mentorship to younger recruits, allowing their experience to act as a guiding beacon for new entrants and showcasing the benefits of having a long career in the cockpit.

While airlines do their bit, it is also vital for pilot training institutes to double down on attracting more women to the industry.

We at Alpha Aviation Group have trained over 2500 pilots for several international airlines and attracting female talent has been one of our key focusses. We have often gone straight to universities, shining a light on the experiences and stories of successful women trainees, aiming to pick up on interest in aviation at a young age and offering youngsters a clear pathway into the profession.

This perhaps is the perfect moment for industry leaders to transform the industry by increasing visibility of women, entrusting them with leadership roles, and cultivation of an open and welcoming culture.

This is truly a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the industry to attract the best talent and avert a crisis that might cause serious damage to its long-term future.”

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